Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Home Site....Oh Home Site!

So often people call us and say, “We bought our home site and now we want you to build our house!” They’re excited, we’re excited and everything is great BUT what we really love is when we get that phone call and they say, “Hey, we’ve narrowed it down to three home sites we like, can you take a look at all three and give us your feedback?”

“Yes, WE CAN!”

A home site is an extremely important decision in the custom home building process. We love to interview our new clients and learn how they are going to live- "write their story" as Dave Spetrino puts it, and give feedback to which home site may be preferred.

Items to consider:

Slope- The slope of the lot can determine how many steps to your front door. So many clients are wanting less steps overall in their home. Lots that look “flat” may require soil adjustments to make them buildable or need special considerations for drainage.

Direction- Do you enjoy morning sun, evening sun, or both from your front porch? Is a dark bedroom a must?

Environmental features- Where are power lines, pump stations and other utility areas?

These are just a few of many considerations to think about when selecting a home site. We love to weigh in with factors our clients might not have thought about.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Statement Piece

Doing a quick Google search of "Statement Piece" and the results are overwhelmingly fashion related.

When I think Statement Piece I think HOME! I think antique chandelier, bold modern artwork or a piece of unique furniture. At Plantation Building Corp., we build in a Statement Piece in every home. Most recently in our Merrimac Model, Kathy Spetrino used an unusual backsplash as the focal point for the kitchen and great room space. What I love about it is what people have to say when they see it and, more importantly, that everyone has something to say. That’s the point of having a Statement Piece, it gets everyone talking, asking questions and thinking about what their Statement Piece will be. Take a look at the backsplash I’m talking about and let us know your thoughts, or better yet come see it in person at the Merrimac Model in Brunswick Forest.