Monday, August 15, 2011

Statement Piece

Doing a quick Google search of "Statement Piece" and the results are overwhelmingly fashion related.

When I think Statement Piece I think HOME! I think antique chandelier, bold modern artwork or a piece of unique furniture. At Plantation Building Corp., we build in a Statement Piece in every home. Most recently in our Merrimac Model, Kathy Spetrino used an unusual backsplash as the focal point for the kitchen and great room space. What I love about it is what people have to say when they see it and, more importantly, that everyone has something to say. That’s the point of having a Statement Piece, it gets everyone talking, asking questions and thinking about what their Statement Piece will be. Take a look at the backsplash I’m talking about and let us know your thoughts, or better yet come see it in person at the Merrimac Model in Brunswick Forest.

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